3D Welded Wire Fence

Nylofor 3D fence usually used as home garden fencing, high way and rail way guarding fencing, airport and residential decoration fencing, etc.

Product Description

Wire Mesh Fence Instruction:

Wire mesh fence is one of the most important ways to keep your home safe and secured from all forms of attacks by armed robbers and so on. They are very affordable and inexpensive that is why we see most homes using wire fencing for their walls and also very durable and easy to make and fix on fences. There are different and various types of wire fencing that are used for different purposes and it is therefore mostly difficult to make up your mind on what type of it you will want to use.

Fence Application: airport fence, railway, garden fences, industrial area, high security fences, etc.

Over 15 years Warranty: as corrosion resistance, aging resistance, sunshine resistance and weather resistance, etc.

Popular Colors:

RAL6005 (Dark Green); RAL7016 (Grey); RAL8014 (Brown); RAL9005 (Black); RAL9010 (White)


Rectangular posts, square posts, round posts, peach posts, etc

Quality Control

We have professional QA inspect the quality for our clients in every procedure, so that we can ensure the high quality for our customers.

Fence Panel and Posts/Poles Specification: 

Panel height Panle Length Wire Diameter Mesh Size Folds No.
1.03m 2.0m


Or as your request

Galv.+PVC Painted



Galv.+PVC Coated







Or as your request

1.23m 2
1.5m 3
1.53m 3
1.7m 3
1.73m 3
1.8m 4
1.93m 4
2.0m 4
2.03m 4
2.4m 4


Post Style

         Post Dimension with Customized Height
Rectangular Post                             40*60*1.5mm
Square Post                             60*60*1.5mm
Peach Post                             50*70*1.2mm
Round Post                              60*1.5mm


Powder Coating Testing Jobs: 

With Professional Packing Work: 

1. Fence Panel

1> There is a piece of plastic film(with small bubbles), The first panel can be prevented from damaging the metal pallet

2> Metal plate is fixed at each corner of the panels, which can keep the panels stay together and immovable.

3> The wood plate on the panels can prevent the last panel from being damaged by top pallet

2. Pole: The pole with a cap is covered by plastic film ,then packaged by metal pallet

3. Accessories: With Cartons.