Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are a popular choice for both residential and commercial uses.Chain link is practical, cost effective and easy to maintain.

Product Description

Chain Link Fences Instruction: 

Chain link fencing has been the product of choice for security fencing for over 60 years because of its strength, corrosion resistance, “see thru capabilities”, ease of installation, versatility, variety of product selection and value. A chain link fence is one of the primary building blocks for a facility’s perimeter security system.

Typical applications for CHAIN LINK FENCE (wire)include boundary, security, high security, and sports, therefore making it suitable for many types of property and use.

The finish of chain link fencing can be galvanised or plastic coated in green or black or any other RAL colors, with either a galvanised or un-galvanised core wire. Posts are made from Round steel pipe (dia 42mm / 48mm / 50mm / 60mm / 75mm). They are usually hot dip galvanised and can be polyester coated to match the colour and finish of the chain link fence as required.

The heights available for chain link mesh fence range from 900mm to 3.6m. Vertical or cranked post extensions are available for fences above 2.0m to carry barbed wire or razor wire for added security.

Chain link fence specification
Material Galvanized Wire, PVC coated Wire, Stainless Steel wire
Opening 1’’ 1.5’’ 2’’ 2.25’’ 2.4’’ 2.5’’ 3’’ 4’’
25mm 40mm 50mm 55mm 60mm 65mm 76mm 100mm
Wire diameter 18#—7#
Length of the Roll 1.0m—50m
Width of the Roll 1m—5m

Installtion Fittings

You Will Love Your Chain-Link Fence

Cost-Efficient Security — Chain link fences are inexpensive and can be made into various heights in practically any space.

Durable, Long-Lasting Protection — Over a 20 year long life-span the galvanized steel will resist rust and damage over long periods.

Easy to Repair — The repairs, if needed, are even easier than the installation. A section of your chain-link fence can be easily replaced and look precisely like the rest of your fencing at any time.

Elegance and Visibility — You will always be able to see what is happening around your yard making this option great for individuals with pets or children.