welded wire mesh fencing

Welded wire mesh fence is a steel fence using wire strands welded together to form a high strength mesh, and the Welded mesh fence are used predominantly as high security barriers where visibility through the fence is necessary or desirable.

Wire Mesh fencing covers a vast range of mesh fencing products from light agricultural and farm wire mesh, wire stock fencing / netting to commercial welded mesh fencing and strong and versatile mesh security fencing.

welded wire mesh fence panels have a width of 2500mm and heights ranging from 600mm to 2440mm. The welded mesh fence panels have vertical barbs of 30mm on one side and are reversible (barbs at top or at bottom). Mesh sizes are 200 x 50mm , and 100mm x 50mm for the beam sections. The heavy wires guarantee strength and rigidity.Different sizes can be made according to customer detailed requirements.